Jinsi ya kupata namba ya kitambulisho cha NIDA | NIDA Online services

Jinsi ya kupata namba ya kitambulisho cha NIDA kwa haraka, NIDA Number Check Online | National Identification Authority NIDA has provided a very simple and good way to check your NIDA number online for free.

In this article, we will provide straightforward steps to follow so that you can access your NIDA number NIN online.

What is namba ya kitambulisho cha NIDA (NIN)?

The Namba ya kitambulisho cha NIDA (NIDA number) or so-called National Identification Number (NIN) is a 20-digit number found in the National Identity.

The number provides a specific identity to each citizen and non-citizen in Tanzania.

The number is useful since you can gain main public services access without even the actual copy of the national identity.

Some of the uses of the NIDA number are:

  • Registering for a SIM card line in all network carriers
  • Opening a bank account
  • Register and have access to different public services
  • Registering in a public job portal like Ajira Portal

If you want to learn how to open an Ajira portal account online for free click here.

With these and other benefits, everyone should have their NIDA number close to them.

In case you forget here is the simple guide for NIDA numbers Check online for free.

How to get a National Identity Number – NIDA Number Online

National Identification Authority NIDA has prepared a simple process so that everyone can access their NIDA number online for free with NIDA Number Check Online Services.

To get your NIDA number quickly follow these simple steps:

1: Go to NIDA Online Services

To check your NIDA Number online click this link here https://services.nida.go.tz/nidportal/get_nin.aspx, or google Fahamu Namba Ya NIDA then click on the first NIDA page

Jinsi ya kuangalia namba ya nina kwa haraka
Fahamu namba ya NIDA Home page.

2: Fill in the required details

On the next screen fill in all empty spaces including your name, date of birth, and your mother’s name.

jaza taarifa zako kupata namba ya nida kwa haraka
Requesting NIDA Number form

3: Finish requests by filling in the security code and proceed

Fill in a security code then click the “Tuma” button. In a few seconds, you will see your NIDA number online.

Jinsi ya kupata namba ya kitambulisho cha NIDA | NIDA Online services
NIDA Online Services provides the NIDA number after requesting is complete

Checking your NIDA number online is a fast-forward process and does not need any skills almost everyone can do it!

What to do if you don’t have a NIDA number?

If you do not have a namba ya kitambulisho cha NIDA, don’t worry you can register for a NIDA card immediately.

Just visit the NIDA office near you so you can start your registration for free.

Remember, the registration is for those citizen and non-citizens who have reached the age of 18 and above.

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  1. kubadili jina kwenye NIDA imekuwa shida na inachukua muda mrefu tunaomba Serikali iangalie hili. Watu wanakosa kazi kisa utaofauti wa majina

    1. sorry,, Hiv kitambulisho Cha NIDA kinachukua Muda gan, kutoka baada ya kuki renew Kwa kulekebisha majina !?????

      1. Habari. Hakuna taarifa maalum ila kwa maelezo zaidi unaweza fika ofisi za nida zilizokaribu yako utapata maelezo sahihi na taarifa kamili.

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