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The Secretary of the Public Service Employment Secretariat, on behalf of Regional Secretariats and Local Government Authorities, invites job applications from qualified and capable Tanzanians to fill 9,483 positions as specified in this announcement.

To read all job descriptions open and read the pdf below:

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General Conditions

i. All applicants must be Tanzanian citizens and under the age of 45, except for those currently employed in the government;

ii. Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply and must specify their disabilities on the job application system for the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat;

iii. All applicants must attach a certified copy of their birth certificate from a Lawyer/Advocate;

iv. Applicants who are already public servants and have acquired qualifications to enter into different cadres must pass their application letters for the job vacancies through their Employers, and Employers must be satisfied accordingly;

v. Applicants must attach a detailed Curriculum Vitae (C.V) with reliable addresses and phone numbers as well as the names of three referees;

vi. All applications must be accompanied by academic certificates, transcripts, and certified copies from a Lawyer/Advocate, which include birth certificates, Form Four certificates, Form Six certificates for those who reached that level, and certificates of completion of various training programs based on the job requirements. This includes:
– Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificates
– Form IV and VI certificates
– Computer Certificates
– Professional certificates from respective boards;

vii. “Testimonials,” “Provisional Results,” “Statement of results,” Form IV, and Form VI result slips WILL NOT be accepted;

viii. Applicants who studied outside Tanzania must ensure their certificates have been verified and approved by the relevant authorities (TCU, NECTA, and NACTE);

ix. Applicants who have been retired from Public Service are not allowed to apply unless they have permission from the Chief Secretary;

x. Applicants already employed in entry-level positions in the Public Service should not apply and must adhere to the instructions in Circular No. CAC. 45/257/01/D/140 of November 30, 2010;

xi. Submission of false information and qualifications will result in legal action;

xii. The deadline for submitting job applications is July 20, 2024.

**IMPORTANT:** Remember to attach your signed job application letter along with educational certificates. Address the letter to:

P.O. BOX 2320,

xiii. All applications should be submitted through the electronic recruitment portal at the following address: []( (This address can also be found on the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat website under the section marked ‘Recruitment Portal’);

xiv. Applications submitted outside the procedure outlined in this announcement WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

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